Infants & Children

What To Expect from Our Infant & Child Care

Parents should not be hesitant for a moment about having their babies and children adjusted by their chiropractor. The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the functions of their little bodies, just as it does in yours. So, as a tree is planted, so it grows! If children fall daily and are exposed to many of the same environmentally stresses that adults are, why wouldn’t you have your child’s spine and biomechanics checked as well? Adjusting a child’s spine is much easier and less-invasive than it is in an adult. They have not had the long-lasting fixation in their spine, and their muscles are not nearly as tense and tight, that is normally seen in most adults. However, with the falls, accidents, and overall very active lifestyle of most children, regular check-ups should be an essential part of their young lives.

The adjustment:

Parents, relax, there is not any popping of the joints and no pain or discomfort will be felt by your children at all. Only a small amount of motion is needed to correct fixations and misalignments in a infant or child. In fact, in a very short time, most children really look forward to their visits and become quite comfortable with the process.

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